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Laboratory Internships

What is a laboratory internship?

The Taiwan Tech laboratory internship program is designed for students from abroad who are interested in doing short-term research work in Taiwan Tech. This program pprovides young researchers with opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects, to make contributions to their fields of research, and to collaborate with other international researchers. All expenses, including international and domestic travel, daily living expenses, and all other costs have to be borne by the researchers participating in this program.
Why Taiwan Tech?

Taiwan Tech, located in the university district in the centre of Taipei City, is one of Taiwan's leading research universities, with a focus on applied research. Taiwan Tech offers excellent research facilities in most fields of engineering and technology. As we have developed intense university-industry cooperation over many years, most of our laboratories engage in research on industrial applications offering interesting opportunities for research intenships. 

How to apply?
Please check the websites of the Taiwan Tech laboratories to find a lab that suits your research interests and goals. When you have found a suitable lab, contact the professor who is in charge of the lab. If he offers you an internship position, you can formally apply by submitting the following documents
  • Your CV
  • A plan for your internship
  • A proof that your internship plan is a requirement of the program you are enrolled in or for your graduation
  • An academic transcript record of the most recent 1-2 semesters of your studies 
  1. If your application is accepted by the professor, please complete the form "Application for a NTUST Laboratory Internship" and email it to the OIAat least two months prior to the planned internship
  2. The OIA has to submit the documents to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for review.
  3. If the MOE approves of the application, a letter of admission/ letter of acceptance will be issued which is necessary to apply for a visa at an Overseas Representative Office of Taiwan, R.O.C. in your home country. Please note that the decision on issuing the visa remains at the discretion of the respective Overseas Representative Office.
  4. If you plan an internship of two months or more, please submit the "Health Certificate for Short-Term Students" to the OIA before coming to Taiwan Tech.
Taiwan Tech currently provides on-campus housing for degree-program students only.  Participants of the Laboratory Internship Program have  to find their own housing. Suggested areas are Da’an District and Zhongzheng District around NTNU, NTU, and Gongguan MRT Station. Reasonable rental rates per person/ month are between NT$ 7000- NT$ 14000, according to room types and location. For further information on housing and rental websites, pease click here
Money Matters
Laboratory internships at Taiwan Tech are not paid. However, some professors might have funding to support your stay in Taiwan. Please consult with the professor for detailed information. Below is a rough guide for an average budget, your expenses will depend on your lifestyle, of course!

Housing: around USD250 - USD 450/month
On-campus dining: around USD 200/ month
Personal expenses (leisure activities, transport, shopping…): around USD300/month
Visa Matters
The Ministry of Education has issued  directions to promote international cooperation and educational exchange, and to allow foreign students currently undertaking studies to undertake an Internship at an educational institution at any level in Taiwan. Foreign students may file visa applications at Taiwan Embassies and Missions Abroad. Detailed information on the via application process can be found on the Website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs
The maximun period for an internship in Taiwan is six months. The total internship period, including any extension, may not exceed six months.
Additional Information
Length of the internship: A foreign student is permitted to undertake an internship in Taiwan for a maximum period of  six months. If necessary, you may apply for an extension at the end of the initial internship period. The maximum extension allowed is a period equivalent to half of the original period, and only one extension is permitted. The total internship period, including extensions, may not exceed six months.

Change of plans/ transfer/work: During the internship period, Taiwan's laws and regulations must be fully obeyed. The original internship plan must not be changed. It is not possible to transfer to a different educational institution at any level or different education institute for the internship. Students may not engage in any activity that deviates from their internship plan or take up any work. Any violation found to have occurred and verified by the MOE shall be reported to the National Immigration Agency immediately, and copies of the report given to the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, and other agencies concerned.

Health Insurance:  In case any emergency happens, students are strongly recommended to buy health insurance in their home country before coming to Taiwan. The insurance should cover the complete staying period.



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